About Us


Nee Soon Teknik Sdn. Bhd. was formed more than two decades ago, with a labor force of only 6. Now it is a dynamic group comprising of 11 companies with employees amounting to several hundred, serving the needs and requirements of its ever increasing clientele base.

It began in the realm of support on machinery for coconut oil extraction. After a long exposure, NST realized that it’s time to contribute its engineering skills in the Palm Oil Industry. Moreover, there are many oil palm estates in Malaysia that could benefit from the “reinvention”.

Consequently, the knowledge and skill we possess presents great potential. The opportunity to provide contract services for the Palm Oil Industries initiates creativity, innovation, and the investment in Research and Development that eventually brought about the success we enjoy today, bringing technology to the maximum level.

Just as in planting a fruit tree, you need the best environment. We are committed to follow-through right from the most basic level. Our goal is to be able to provide total support. It’s evident through the concept of forming the many branches. We have set up an ever-increasing number of service-points to support the needs of the Palm Oil Industries from estates to end-consumer products manufacturer. Being customer-driven, NST has invested much on tools and technology to produce quality machinery and parts.

We understand however sophisticated the technology, machinery goes through the reality of wear and tear, and timely maintenance prevents unnecessary delay in production schedules. The perfect integration of the many companies provides up to date and on time services and maintenance.

All these would not have been possible without the warm support of clients throughout the years, helping us to breakthrough to higher levels continuously.

We have now ventured forward even in the area of construction to provide total integrated solutions to the Palm Oil Industries. Our journey doesn’t just end here. We at NST will continue to be your active partner in providing greater productivity.