Palm Kernel Oil Expeller

Our parts and accessories as well are under stringent quality control to provide only the best. On the gearing section, our innovative design saves fuel consumption, greater durability – parts last longer using quality metal that reduces wear and tear, and able to resist high temperature. And we made it easy for you to order with effective model identification system. Most of all they are priced competitively, in a one-stop convenient way.

In fact, there is a subsidiary dedicated solely on parts to provide quality and timely services, maintenance and repairs, and to manage the needs of mega-projects efficiently around the clock.

In our journey we have already develop 2 streams of machinery to suit the different needs of our client, the 2 types of expeller. Through the concentration on Research and Development, the machinery is in fact more advanced and efficient where in the area of extraction fully utilizes the seed – the innovative dual-press system.

What is most important here is our understanding of the machinery, its durability, and the estimation we have to ensure optimum performance. We will be able to handle your needs, technology & productivity.